Ahoghill FC's Lawrence and Heather top Mid Antrim Combine from Corrin

Shaun Oneill


Shaun Oneill



WITH ongoing weather problems at present it’s a case of chop and change.

First we had the Thursday race from Corrin and then no race planned for either Saturday or Sunday.

The Old Bird Inland Nat was to be at the start of this week and on Saturday evening due to a poor forecast from Met Erin it was brought forward to have the race marking on Sunday with a possible liberation on Monday not from Barleycove but Skibbereen which is easier got to.

All being well later in the week the birds will be race marked for the first cross channel event and many lofts are looking forward to Talbenny on Saturday.

The big early bird locally on Thursday was timed in the Ahoghill Flying Club by Mr & Mrs Robinson, they lifted the big prize of 1st MAC from Corrin (2), a loft getting ready for the water.

Mid Antrim Combines Update –

Corrin in Co Cork was the venue for the fourth old bird race of the season.

Birds were liberated on Thursday 2nd July at 10.30am in a north west wind.

Taking top spot this week in the Mid Antrim Combine are the husband and wife partnership of Lawrence and Heather Robinson of Ahoghill FC.

They timed their winning 2 year old chequer roundabout hen at 14.50pm flying 204 miles to their tidy lofts on the Glebe Road in Ahoghill.

The bird had 2 races as a youngster and raced steady as a yearling winning a couple of club prizes and was 3rd bird the previous week.

Sire is Willy van Herck from P & J Boal of Dromore in Co Down and dam is a cross of Vandenabeele from Harry Boyd of Kells and Janssen from Heather's dad Willy Greer.

Another top result from last season’s Champion League and old bird Knock-Out winners in the Mid Antrim Combine. Mervyn Eagleson PO.

After four races Associate member Jimmy Rock has a clear lead in the race for OB Points Fancier of the Year.

Ballymena lofts of Johnston Eagleson and Blair & Rankin are next best followed by this week’s Combine winners Mr & Mrs Robinson of Ahoghill.

Top 10 - J Rock Associate 94, J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 58, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 48, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 39, Harry Boyd Kells 28, R H Clements Associate 24, G Gibson Associate 22, A McBride Associate 22, R Service & Son Ballymena 20, Young & McManus Ahoghill 19.

Entries are being gathered up for the seasons Champions League and Old Bird Knock-out competitions, both finals will be arranged from Penzance or alternative.

Remember the Champions League operates as a league for inland racing and Knock-out over the cross channel season.

So far we have the following lofts confirmed. Ballymena & Dist have Blair & Rankin, J Eagleson & Sons, W & J Smyth and R Service & Son. Ahoghill have Mr & Mrs Robinson, Young McManus & Sons, J Smyth & Son and Chris Moore.

Kells & Dist have Surgenor Bros, C & D Jackson, Harry Boyd and Henry Turkington. Randalstown HPS have John Millar, Stewart Bros, Hugh Boyd and N Percy & Son.

Mid Antrim Combine Corrin (2) – Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1385, W & J Smyth Ballymena 1374, R Service & Son Ballymena 1373, J Rock Associate 1371, D Dixon Rasharkin 1370, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1369, Surgenor Bros Kells 1369, J Rock 1365, A McBride Associate 1364, Harry Boyd Kells 1363, Surgenor Bros 1362, Harry Boyd 1357, Harry Boyd 1356, John Millar Randalstown 1355, Mr & Mrs Robinson 1354, Young McManus & Sons Ahoghill 1354, R H Clements Associate 1354, Young McManus & Sons 1353, Young McManus & Sons 1351, H Cubitt Rasharkin 1352.

Ballymena & Antrim Clubs Corrin (2)

Muckamore HPS 10/271 – S & N Maginty 1419, A Steele 1375, S & N Maginty 1373, T Patterson & Son 1371, A Steele 1368, S & J Bones & T Yates 1346, Sam Murphy 1353, 1351.

Well done Sammy Maginty and Norman on winning today's race in Muckamore HPS from Corrin, the bird has already won 12st Sect B in the opening race from Tullamore and in the 4th race wins 1st Sect B again. .

Crumlin & District – McConville Bros 1386, 1382, Fleming Bros 1375, McConville Bros 1373, 1372, 1370, Fleming Bros 1365, McConville Bros 1359, S Thompson 1356,

Ahoghill Flying Club 9/262 – M/M Robinson 1385, 1354, Young McManus & Sons 1354, 1353, 1353, 1347, 1344, 1343, M/M Robinson 1341, 1338. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club M/M Robinson 1354, 1338.

Ballymena & District 10/291 – W & J Smyth 1374, R Service & Son 1373, Blair & Rankin 1369, J Eagleson & Sons 1347, 1347, R Service & Son 1342, J Eagleson & Sons 1341, 1338, R Service & Son 1333, 1332.

William & Joe Smyth have the winner this week and also the best bird in the town and runner up spot in the Combine.

The winning blue yearling cock timed at 14.56pm for the 208 mile fly is Coopman x Jackie Traynor of Co. Durham. Club Chairman Robert Service and son Robin who is Treasurer are runners up just decimals points behind. Four races flown and four different winners, big competition.

Harryville HPS 12/287 – J Rock 1371, K & K Kernohan 1368, J Rock 1365, A McBride 1364, R H Clements 1354, J Rock 1343, K & K Kernohan 1341, 1338, R H Clements 1337, 1337. Jimmy rock wins Harryville foe the 2nd time with the same pigeon as the first race well done Jimmy

Kells & District 7/200 – Surgenor Bros 1369, B Swann & Son 1367, H Boyd 1363, Surgenor Bros 1362, B Swann & Son 1360, H Boyd 1357, 1356, C & D Jackson 1349. Sizzlers 2 Bird Club – H Boyd, 1348, B Swann & Son 1343, 1328, C & D Jackson 1302, McFarlane & Agnew 1278. The members of Kells & Dist regret the death of the sister of their Chairman Harry Boyd and extend their sympathy to Harry and the family circle.

Cullybackey HPS – A Darragh 1364, 1348, 1339.

Randalstown HPS 9/246 – J Millar 1355, 1344, 1320, Houston Bros 1308, W & W Gilbert 1302, Stewart Bros 1300, Houston Bros 1285, Stewart Bros 1283.

Rasharkin & District 7/196 – H Cubitt 1352, J & M Milliken 1330, F Barkley 1317, T Whyte 1312, J & M Milliken 1310, W McFetridge 1302. Danny Dixon – 1370, 1346, 1335, 1335. Well done to the Chairman Harold Cubitt, he wins for the 3rd time this season with one from club-mate Jackie Steele, a famous Lambrechts.

Broughshane & District 7/204 – T & M Morrow 1347, A Purvis 1344, D Houston & Son 1320, 1318, T & M Morrow 1316, R Wylie 1281, A Purvis 1278, 1272.

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