Getting there - a guide for first time visitors

Dessie Blackadder


Dessie Blackadder

IF you want to try the Galboly Trail then be prepared for some stiff climbs - and try and match your visit to a spell of dry weather.

Take a picnic with you because you’ll be ready for a sandwich and a cuppa when you get back down and are looking through your phone at the many great pictures you will take.

Directions from Waterfoot: Turn towards Carnlough and drive along Coast Road.

You will pass the ruins of the medieval church ruins at Ardclinis (which are well worth a visit themselves).

Keep your speed down and look out for a silver gate with a steep path leading off the road.

On most occasions you will see a few vehicles parked at the side of the road.

Try and give yourself a good line of sight as the road is often busy with traffic - and some of the road users simply fly round the bends.

There is a simple opening mechanism on the gate so you don’t have to clamber over.

Leave a donation in the ‘honesty box’ at the gateside - it’s the decent thing to show your appreciation to the landowner who has allowed people to trek across his land.

Follow the obvious path taking time to snap a few pics on the way.

You’ll probably need a few breaks because the climb is steady. As usual, follow the country code. Keep dogs on leash at all times and collect any litter.

The steep trail into the hills begins beside the ‘Game of Thrones’ houses. You will see a small gate which is the start of the climb. After that it’s entirely up to you.

Be aware: There is a proper layby about half a mile further on. It is opposite a silver gate with a path leading into the hills. This is NOT the path to Galboly and is clearly marked private property.

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