Your 'World Around Your Wrist' with local woman Erinn's Ivy and Gold Bracelets

Shauna Loughran


Shauna Loughran

LOCAL woman Erinn Kerr has been helping mums, friends and family wear their "world around their wrist" as her personalised 'Ivy and Gold' bracelet brand has recently soared to success.

Erinn lives just outside Broughshane with her husband and little girl, Ivy.

Her daughter Ivy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was just two weeks old, after a newborn screening heel prick test was performed.

The condition is inherited, with both parents being carriers of a particular gene.

Symptoms include the build up of sticky mucus in the lungs and digestive systems of people with Cystic Fibrosis over time.

Erinn explained: "There is no cure.

“However, there has been lots of great news about new medications that will be available to Ivy when she's older which will be life changing for her".

The success of her bracelets has led to Erinn stepping away from her media job at the BBC and devoting her time to building up her business, 'Ivy and Gold Bracelets,' as well as caring for Ivy.

Erinn also recently donated a portion of her sales to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


A firm bloggers' favourite, Erinn's bracelets have become a real Instagram hit with her creations gracing the wrists of high profile influencers such as Naomi Genes, and Ballymena based Blossoming Birds, Anna Corry.

Erinn has been overwhelmed by the growing success of her bracelets and told the Guardian: "I can't believe how popular they have been.

"I'm blown away by the support I have received and by how much everyone loves the bracelets.

"It's a really big deal for me to see these influencers wear my products.

“I guess if these people, who I consider to be really 'cool' think these bracelets are worthy of wearing then that makes me really excited about the future.

"Lots of lovely local influencers have been so supportive of me and my business too.

“People like Anna from Blossoming Birds, Elle Pearls and Gluten Free Fi.

“Help from people like that is huge to a small business".


Erinn made her first bracelet on a whim, after seeing similar products online from a few different sellers in America.

Apprehensive about postage and import fee costs, Erinn went in search of a maker based in Europe.

However, that search proved futile and Erinn decided to try to make some of her own.

Erinn said: "I honestly don't know why. I've never made proper jewellery before.

"I made one for myself saying 'IVY' and then when I wore it people started asking could I make them one with their kids' names on it.

"It just went from there".

It's not difficult to see why Erinn's bracelets have become so successful. Blending contemporary designs with traditional gold and silver, her now signature personalised name bracelets have proved to be most popular.

From modern stacking bracelets, in gold filled and sterling silver beads, to personalised designs for both adults and children, her bracelets are quickly becoming the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Erinn is grateful for each and every order she receives and is particularly thankful to those who have helped her along the way.

Erinn commented: "My husband has helped me endlessly. He made my website and logo and has been so supportive when things have been stressful, even writing envelopes at times.

“Though I haven't got him actually making bracelets yet.

"Anna from Blossoming Birds has also been a huge supporter. She helped me get some beautiful imagery to help me get started and has given me loads of great advice.

"I'm so grateful to everyone who has ordered a bracelet from me".


2020 has been quite a year for Erinn; becoming a new mother, grappling with a worldwide pandemic as well as standing down from her busy job at the BBC.

Erinn said: "It's hard for me to compare life at the BBC with life as the owner of a small business because so much has changed all at once.

"I became a mum for the first time just a few months before the pandemic really hit and at the same time I started this business.

"So, life before Ivy, Ivy and Gold and the pandemic all go hand in hand and to be honest it's like a totally different world.

"I can barely imagine leaving Ivy to drive up to Belfast every day after months spent locked down and not even allowed to go to the shop because of shielding for her condition.

"I loved my job at the BBC, but after Ivy's diagnosis, coupled with the pandemic and shielding, my priority was staying home with her, doing all of her treatments and keeping my family safe.

"Ivy and Gold has allowed me to do that and I'm so grateful.

"Christmas sales have been crazy, so much so, that I closed the website to new orders on November 30.

"I will be working right up to December 18, the last posting day with Royal Mail, to get all the orders out".

You can view Erinn's bracelets at Ivy and Gold Bracelets on Instagram and facebook, or by visiting her website

Gift cards only are available now for Christmas.

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