Ballymena Ladies secure their title despite some mid-season 'wobbles'

Dessie Blackadder


Dessie Blackadder

Ballymena Ladies retained the Provincial Towns Womens Bowling Association League title last Wednesday afternoon with a 5-1 win at home to nearest challengers,Dunluce.

Things did not look too good mid-season after a series of defeats in May and June,but the team upped its game in the remaining fixtures to take the title.

And Ballymena 'C' go into this Saturday's final league match at home to Mossley,only one point behind Division 4 league leaders Falls 'B' after a 7-0 win at Shorts.

It seemed that they had blown their chances of lifting the silverware after a 5-2 defeat at Falls the previous Tuesday evening,but Saturday's result puts them firmly back in the running with Falls losing 5-2 at PSNI.

Ballymena 'A' had a fine 5-2 win at home to Old Bleach last Thursday to give themselves an outside chance of the runners-up spot behind Division One Champions Dunbarton.And although suffering a 6-1 defeat at home to Pickie 'A', Ballymena 'B' should retain it's Division One status in 2020 after Falls 'A' suffered a big defeat at home to Larne and are relegated.

In the Veterans League,Ballymena One lost 6-4 at home to Transport One,but the two's claimed a 6-4 win away to Transport two and should retain the Division 2 Championship if they can get any sort of a result against Whitehead 2 in their final game.

Full results:

PTWBA League.

Ballymena Ladies 5 v 1 Dunluce.

Rink 1. Barbara Burnett.Maree Houston.Donna McCloy.Sarah-Jane Curran.LOST 17-8.

Rink 2. Eva Gage.Jenny McCready.Grace Henry.Barbara Cameron.WON 19-11.

Rink 3. Jean Rainey.Pat Allen.Megan Devlin.Jennifer Dowds.WON 18-13.

(Ballymena are CHAMPIONS!)

NIPGL Division One.

Ballymena 'A' 5 v 2 Old Bleach.

Rink 1. Sam Barkley.Jimmy Hodges.Nigel McAleese.Nigel Robinson.LOST 21-19.

Rink 2. James Gaston.Aaron Coleman.Adi.Coleman.Stephen Coleman.WON 24-16.

Rink 3. David Torrington Roy Torrington.Andy Morrison.Jim Baker.LOST 23-20.

Rink 4. Steven Falls.Neal Garrett.Adam McKeown.Andi Duncan.30-14.

Ballymena 'B' 1 v 6 Pickie 'A'.

Rink 1. Shane Millar.Leslie Barr.Tommy Hill.Francis Gilchrist.LOST 21-16.

Rink 2. Alan McAuley.Ivan Lynn.Graham Wilson John Coulter.LOST 20-12.

Rink 3. Geoff Padgett.John McFall.Stuart McCarthy.Danny McCullough.WON 23-20.

Rink 4. Jimmy Gage.Andy Hill.Graham Wilson.Michael Wilson.LOST 20-18.

NIPGL Divison 4.

Falls 'B' 5 v 2 Ballymena 'C'.

Rink 1. Mark Pearson.John Montgomery John Elliott.Davy Elliott.WON 19-16.

Rink 2. Keith Burnett Robert McCready.Jim Cameron.Derek Greer.WON 21-16.

Rink 3. Willie McNabb.Alex Wilson.William Crawford.Artie McAuley LOST 18-7.

Rink 4. Gary Shaw.Roy Kernihan.Alan Smyth.Sammy Allen LOST 23-22.

Shorts 0 v 7 Ballymena 'C'.

Rink 1. Gary Shaw.Liam Lyness.Alan Smyth.Sammy Allen.WON 18-11.

Rink 2. Willie McNabb.Alex Wilson.Derek Greer.Graham Wilson.WON 15-11.

Rink 3. Dessie Shaw Robert McCready.Andy Hill.Artie McAuley WON 17-10.

Rink 4. John Montgomery.John Elliott.William Crawford.Andy Morrison.WON 21-8.

Veterans League One.

Ballymena 4 v 6 Ulster Transport.

Rink 1. Keith Burnett.Robert McCready.Artie McAuley.Derek Greer.WON.21-18.

Rink 2. Roy Kernohan.Willie McNabb.Ivan Lynn John Coulter.LOST 19-10.

Veterans League Two.

Ulster Transport 4 v 6 Ballymena.

Rink 1. Allen Stewart.Liam Lyness.John McFall.Roy Torrington WON 26-4.

Rink 2. Dessie Shaw.John Elliott.William Crawford.LOST 25-15.


Wednesday 4th September.

Limavady Ladies v Ballymena Ladies.

Saturday 7th September.

Pickie 'A' v Ballymena 'A'.

Ballymena 'B' v Salisbury.2pm.

Ballymena 'C' v Mossley 2pm.(top green).

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