Mis-sprint? Town centre signs would have us breaking records!

Claire Tennyson


Claire Tennyson

PEOPLE in Ballymena have criticised the newly erected signs in the town centre saying their estimated walking times are "nonsense".

The signs which have been placed in different areas of the town give a walking time to different locations including the bus station and the Ecos Centre.

At Broadway the sign states it will take an average of five minutes to walk to the bus station on the Galgorm Road.

Our reporter walked briskly from Broadway to the bus station and it took nine minutes, almost double what the signs are suggesting.

However the most confusing part about the sign at Broadway is that it says Broadway is a four minute walk away.

People on the street were left baffled by the new signs and said "thankfully they aren't that noticeable".

Alexandra McKeegan, who is from Carnlough, travels to Ballymena on a daily basis said the signs are "unrealistic".

"Does the council think everyone runs like Mo Farah and can get to these destinations in unrealistic times.

"It is very misleading for people, especially visitors to the town and what about those with disabilities?"

William Dunlop, from Harryville, added that the signs were "far too small".

"Firstly I hadn't noticed them until now but they are very deceiving with their suggested times.

“there is no way you could walk to the Ecos Centre in 12 minutes, it would take you at least half an hour.

"I think they need to be taken down and thrown into the nearest skip."

Alison Ramsey said she was baffled by the sign suggesting Broadway was a four minute walk away.

"As far as I am aware this is Broadway and I have lived here all my life so I don't know why it is saying four minutes away.

"It is obvious that whoever is responsible for putting these signs up that they do not live in Ballymena and have no clue where anything is."

Alison continued: “They are also far too high.

“I didn’t even notice them only I saw a post about them on social media.”

However Mark Kerr, who works in the town centre, said he believed the signs were “spot on”.

“I think you could walk to the bus station in five minutes without any great difficulty. The signs are a good addition to the town and a good help to those who are unfamiliar with where places are.

“I think they are tickety-boo.”

David Henry concluded the discussion saying the signs "were a waste of taxpayer's money. They are nonsense!"

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