Litter louts create rubbish walk of shame on local paths

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Litter louts create rubbish walk of shame on local paths thumbnail

YOU don't have to watch David Attenborough's sobering 'Blue Planet' documentary to appreciate the drastic impact human carelessness is having on our environment - a short walk along any of our main roads will give you plenty of food for thought.
And the detritus from fast food outlets - mostly plastic and polystyrene containers - features heavily in the 'sheugh of shame' which seems to run alongside most routes in the Ballymena area.
   The state of the Cullybackey Road is particularly worth mentioning because it has a footpath well-used by people for a good, safe walk from Ballymena to the village and back.
 Those walkers are confronted, step after sickening step with the appalling legacy of the litter louts.
All manner of rubbish has obviously been chucked without a single thought from car windows resulting in  a trail which runs the full length of the road.
To a certain extent, the careless disposal of fast food cartons and drink bottles is understandable - but when you come across a well known fabric conditioner amongst the debris you do have to scratch your head!
 Who takes an empty 'Comfort' container  in their car to lash it out while driving along a road?
One woman has described her geographical location as being 'a curry chip' distance from the town because she reckons that is how long it takes some late night gorb to scoff their takeaway and then fire the container out of a car window.
Unfortunately for her, that chucking out point is pretty  much in and around her house.
The state of the Cushendall Road seems to add credence to this perception.
 On any given weekend  morning you can be sure that a trail of rubbish will appear a few miles outside the town and continue for some distance before it peters out.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what's happening there.
Nor does it take a rocket science to work out that despite the 'eco chatter' our society is a world away from being environmentally friendly. 


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